Tributes to remarkable IAGOD members

  Professor Hazel Prichard, 1954-2017

   It is with great sadness that the IAGOD community learned of the passing of Professor Hazel Prichard on 1 January 2017. Hazel had an enormous contribution to the world of economic geology and in particular, her boundless enthusiasm for platinum group element deposits the world over. She spent many years as a secretary for the IAGOD Commission on Ore Deposits in Mafic & Ultramafic Rocks  (CODMUR). (PDF file 205 kb 

The world has lost a great geologist and geochemist, and a great Canadian who had contributed to his country for over 60 years. On Monday, August 5th, 2003, Robert William Boyle left this world peacefully after a long struggle with illness, and a much longer struggle with failing eyesight. The latter had not curbed his determination to finish his most recent scientific endeavour, his ‘History of Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry’, which is being considered for publication by the McGill-Queen’s University Press. He completed the last editorial work on the Preface the day before his death with assistance from his daughter-in-law Christy Vodden. A tribute to Bob Boyle, IAGOD President (1989-1992), by Robert G. Garrett, 2003 (PDF file 20 kb)               



The former President of IAGOD, Professor Gunnar Kautsky, Sweden, died on October 14, 2002 at the age of 81, following a long life in the service of geology within the international community. A tribute to Gunnar Kautsky by Krister Sundblad, 2003 (PDF file 135 kb)
Dr. Jan Kutina passed away on August 14th 2008 at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland, USA. He had a long and distinguished career and is mostly known for his international work in ore deposit and metallogenic research through the International Association of the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD). He published hundreds of publications on numerous subjects and has had a major impact on the way the geologic community views the global distribution of ore deposits. A tribute to Jan Kutina by Stephen Peters, Miroslav Stemprek and Nigel Cook, 2008 (PDF file 115 kb)



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