Uranium of Mongolia


by Yu. B. Mironov

Scientific editors of Russian original Yu.M. Shuvalov & Oldov Chuluun. St. Petersburg, 2003. 326 p.

English version translated by V.S. Popov, edited by R. Seltmann and A.V. Dolgopolova (NHM-CERCAMS), London, 2006, 230 p. ISBN 5-8198-0049-4 



General problems of geology, tectonics, and metallogeny of Mongolia are considered. The radiogeochemical and metallogenic subdivision of this territory with respect to uranium was carried out for the first time. The economic and prospective types of uranium ore mineralization are characterized and the uranium ore provinces and districts are outlined along with estimation of their possible uranium resources. The main attention is focused on the known and permissive uranium ore districts as targets for further geological exploration. The book is intended for a wide circle of geologists dealing with geological exploration of uranium deposits and study of uranium ore provinces and districts in Mongolia. The conclusions drawn in this book may be helpful in the decision making related to the development of mineral resources of Mongolia and particular provinces of this country. 22 tables, 29 figures, 63 references.



Chapter 1. Exploration of Uranium Ore Mineralization in Mongolia
Chapter 2. Geotectonics
Chapter 3. Mineral Resources of Mongolia: Principal Features
Chapter 4. Distribution of Radioactive Elements in Rocks
Chapter 5. Types of Uranium and U-Bearing Mineralization
Chapter 6. Uranium Ore Districts and Permissive Districts
Chapter 7. Estimation of Uranium Resources in Mongolia


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