IAGOD Working Group on Skarn Deposits revived

Skarn deposits are one of the most common mineral deposits in the world,with least 1428 skarns in 63 countries documented in literatures. Skarns are also economically important. They are the major sources of Sn and W, and important sources of Mo, Au, Cu, Pb, Zn, and Fe. Silver, B, Be, Bi, Co, F, REE and U are also produced from skarns, plus industrial materials such as wollastonite, garnet, phlogopite, talc and graphite. Exploitation of skarn deposits dates back at least 4000 years in ancient China, Greece, and Roman. Skarns may have close spatial and genetic relationship with other types of deposits, particularly porphyry deposits. In a porphyry deposit district skarns may occur as independent deposits, or as high-grade ‘sweetener’ ore bodiesin a porphyry deposit, and may help vector towards porphyry ore bodies. Skarns may also transition to distal carbonate replacement deposits and carbonate-hosted disseminated Au deposits. Studies of skarns are important to both minerals exploration and to the understanding of hydrothermal deposits.

The IAGOD Working Group on Skarn Deposits aims to promote the research and education on skarn deposits, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, research methods, and reporting of progress in skarn studies, and thereby to help exploration for skarn deposits and related hydrothermal deposits and to improve the understanding of skarn systems. The Working Group will organize meetings, sessions at conferences, short courses/workshops and publications.

The Working Group has a committee composed of a Chair, a Co-Chair and a Secretary. The current committee members are:

Chair: Zhaoshan Chang

EGRU (Economic Geology Research Centre), James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland 4811, Australia.  Email: Zhaoshan.chang@jcu.edu.au  Tel: +61 7 4781 6434

Co-Chair: Larry Meinert
US Geological Survey. Email: lmeinert@usgs.gov

Secretary: Taofa Zhou

Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China.  Email: tfzhou@hfut.edu.cn

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