New IAGOD Working Group on Genesis of Iron Ore Copper-Gold System

Working Group on Iron Ore Copper-Gold Systems (WG IOCG)

The objectives of this new IAGOD WG will be to bring together divergent expertise from researchers around the world to discuss the geology, geological setting, geochemical, petrologic, isotopic, and geophysical aspects of both host rocks and mineralization, with greater geochronologic constraints, that contribute to our understanding of the genesis of various types of deposits that have characteristics of "IOCG" systems. The group will try to build events, especially Special Sessions to facilitate academic exchange of ideas. Furthermore, formal and informal Workshops, Short Courses, and Field Trips will be coordinated to facilitate greater opportunity and dialogue, and hopefully refinement of ideas on the genesis of these fascinating, complex deposit systems. Ideally, developing (more) robust models to explain end-members systems and their related environments of formation will be explored, while reconciling various lines of evidence for their formation.

Roger Skirrow - 2 year term -

Brian Rusk  - 2 year term -

David Lentz (Secretary) - 2 year term - 



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