Ore Deposit Models and Exploration: Base and Precious Metal Deposits

Samaneh Kansar Zamin (SKZ) and Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) will hold the second IR-ODEX international workshop entitled "Ore Deposit Models and Exploration: Base and Precious Metal Deposits" during 21-27 October 2017. The international course will cover most important metallic deposit types. The course topics and instructors are as follows:

Porphyry Cu Deposits: Steve Garwin

Epithermal Au Deposits: Jeffrey Hedenquist

Magmatic Iron Ore deposits: Fernando Tornos

There are also four post-workshop field trips as following:

Porphyry Deposits: Sungun porphyry Cu mine, Varzaqan, NW Iran: *Jeffrey Hedenquist*

Epithermal Deposits: Saheb Divan Porphyry-Epithermal Prospect, Meshkin Shahr, Iran, NW Iran: *Jeffrey Hedenquist*

Iron Ore Deposits: Choghart & Esfordi Iron ore mine, central Iran: *Fernando Tornos*

Student Stipend:  Limited numbers of travel grant are available for oversea students upon request.

For more information please visit website:  www.samanehkansar.ir

Email: sholeha@gmail.comsholeha@modares.ac.ir


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