Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits 2018

International Conference on Magmatism of the Earth and Related Strategic Metal Deposits, which will be held 3-7 September, 2018 at Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academу of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

The conference aim is providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange emerging ideas and to investigate key issues:

- Geotectonic position, geochemistry, petrology and ore-potential of alkaline and related mafic and granitic magmatism.
- Mantle sources and processes controlling genesis of ore-producing magmas.
- Resources of critical metals in magmatic complexes in various geodynamis settings.
- Genetic mineralogy of rare metals in rocks and strategic deposits
- Applied and technical mineralogy of critical metals, mineral processing etc.

The conference program includes oral and poster scientific presentations, keynote lectures, thematic events.

Special excursions: Moscow by the geologist eyes, visiting of geological and mineralogical museums in Moscow etc. will be organized for conference participant.

For details visit the conference for details website

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